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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


The workshop provides distance learning with the following programmes at the Centre for Training and Lifelong Learning K.E.DI.BI.M.




Sound Recording

The training program "Sound Recording" is a comprehensive presentation of the theory and practice of sound recording in an amateur or professional environment. It contains numerous lectures of presentation and application. Trainees will have the opportunity to record and mix a whole band of musicians or singers in various musical idioms: classical, choral, traditional, pop and rock music. The program begins with an introduction to Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, continues with a detailed description of microphone types, their placement and use, and looks in depth at stereo recording techniques with examples of use depending on the source (voices, percussion, strings, etc.). Trainees will also learn about loudspeakers and speakers, and the program concludes with pre-mastering audio for social media.


The voice in Song

The Voice in Song training program aims to educate and train participants in singing through an understanding of the anatomy, physiology and function of the voice in song, making use of a) new technologies, b) modern interdisciplinary approaches, and c) traditional empirical techniques of voice training. The core of the Course-Modules is designed to help: 1) improve all aspects of singing (tonal accuracy, range, timbre, volume, expression, speech perception, etc.), 2) deepen knowledge of the vocal mechanism, and 3) maintain the health of the voice.


Jazz and Blues in the age of pluralism

This educational program analyzes and examines the main styles of Jazz and Blues music from the beginnings to the modern era, from a musical and social perspective. Both Jazz and Blues culture have always been spokespersons for the social and political demands of the African American community in the arts and, for many decades, one of the few defenses against racism and oppression.


Music Technology: Applications in creative production and education

The educational programme "Music Technology: Applications in Creative Production and Education", consists of a chain of courses related to Music Technology, Sound Analysis.

It presents the applications of these disciplines in the development of musicians, as well as in the professional environment of education. It follows the mixed method of training, where, in addition to distance asynchronous training, it uses the method of live lectures, thus ensuring practical involvement with the equipment, an essential element for understanding and consolidating the educational process.