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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


Analysis, perception, processing and singing voice synthesis

  • Acoustic analysis, synthesis and modeling of the singing voice
  • Analysis / synthesis of the singing voice and vocal styles in traditional and folk music
  • Analysis of Byzantine chanting voice
  • Analysis of prosody in tragic drama speech
  • Visual interface of vocal training using different tunings
  • Music technology in education
  • Voice and emotion

Experimental Archaeomusicology

  • Acoustic study of traditional and ancient reconstructed organ
  • Reconstruction of the prosody of speech in tragic drama
  • Voice and Archaeoacoustics

Acoustic Ecology and Bioacoustics

  • Mapping and reconstruction of historical and natural soundscapes
  • Mapping and analysis of cicadas
  • Modeling of cicadas' choir

Recording music ensembles: technical and aesthetic approaches

  • Recording and mastering techniques
  • Developing new acoustic techniques for recording in real time
  • Recording techniques on traditional instruments
  • Database for greek traditional and ancient Instruments

Music creation and performance with interactive media

  • Audio-visual interactive media
  • Interactive soundscapes
  • Stochastic Models in I. Xenakis works
  • Cyber models in A. Logothetis' works
  • Zoomousikology / Mythology in F.B. Mȃche's works

Music technology in education

  • Music and Mathematics
  • Music and Acoustic Ecology
  • Creatιng soundscapes
  • Training voice with new technologies

Music and cognitive sciences

  • Voice and brain
  • Music and artificial intelligence
  • Computational models in music