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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


Equipment List



Yamaha DM-2000, 96 channels digital mixer on an Argosys table




HP workstation, 8 core, 16GB RAM, Dual Screen

Audio Interfaces and Convertors

RME HDSP MADI 64 channel in-out audio PCI card


(3) RME ADI-8DS, 8-channel 96K in-out audio converters (24 channels in-out)

RME ADI-8DD ADAT to TIFF, 16 channel converters input output

RME Fireface UFX


Cubase 8 Pro

Nuendo 6.5 with DolbyDigital and DTS encoders

Reason 8.3 with over 70 Rack Extensions and a lot Refills

ProTools 9

Wavelab 6

Waves Mercury Collection and SSL4000 plugins

Halion 3 and Kondakt 3 plugins




TDL Studio Reference monitors

Powered by Classe M-150 amp

6.1 Surround

(6) B&W N805 Nautilus

B&W ASW750 Subwoofer

Powered by Yamaha A1 surround amp

Near Field

Tannoy D6

KRK 5 (upon request)

Measurement and ReAmping

Bruel and Kgaer Omni Speaker

Powered by a LabKrupper amp



Bruel and Kgaer 2600

Hydrophone mic



Preamps – Channel Strips – More than 60 channels total

24 Boutique Quality Mic Preamps and Channel Strips

(2) Millennia Media HV-3D (16 channels total, of those 8 with additional DC inputs)

(2) Millennia Media Origin STT-1 twin topology channel strip

(2) Avalon VT-737sp Tube Channels Strip

(2) AMEK DMCL dual Channel strip (4 channels total)

AMR Peavey VMP-2 dual channel tube pre with EQ (upon request)

Other Mic Preamps

24 channels preamps from the Yamaha DM2000

Studio Projects SP828, 8 channel pre with Burr Brown IC’s and summing mixer (upon request)

Behringer ADA-8000, 8 channel pre (upon request)


Eventide Eclipse

Kurzweil KSP8

AKG BX-5 Spring Reverb (upon request)

Boss SE-700 multi effects with Roland RSS algorithms (upon request)


DBX 160X (upon request)

DBX 166XL (upon request)

FMR RNC (upon request)

RMR RNLA (upon request)

Alesis MicroLimiter (upon request)


(2) White Instruments passive 9 band EQ (upon request)




(2) Neumann M-149 tube, multi pattern

(2) RODE NTK tube, cardioid

Studio Projects T-3 tube, multi pattern (50s AKG sound) (on request)

U-47 clone, tube, multi pattern (on request)


Neumann KU-100 dummy head

(4) Neumann KM-184 cardioid (including a matching pair)

(2) Neumann TLM-103 cardioid

(2) Audio Technica AT4050 multi pattern

(4) AKG C3000

RODE NT4 stereo XY

RODE NTG-1 shotgun with Blimp and Boompole

RODE NT-1000

Blue Baby Bottle (on request)

Blue BlueBird (on request)

Oktava MK319 (on request)

Line Audio QM12 quad channel-surround-dual MS mic (on request)

Line Audio CM2 small diagram cardioid (on request)

(7) Behringer ECM-8000 omni condenser (on request)


(4) Beyer Dynamic M-160 ribbon (5th mic on request)

(2) Beyer Dynamic M-130 ribbon

(2) Beyer Dynamic M-260.80 ribbon

Bang and Olufsen BM-5 stereo ribbon 60s vintage (on request)

(2) Oktava ML-52 big ribbon (on request)

(2) T-Bone RB-100 ribbon (on request)


(2) AKG D-112

Shure SM58

(2) Shure SM57 (3rd mic on request)

(2) Sennheiser MD-416 (on request)

(4) Sennheiser MD-421 (3 cream vintage 60s-70s and 1 black 80s) (on request)

(2) Sennheiser MD-441 (on request)


(2) AKG BL512