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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


LabMAT is situated on the ninth and third floor of the School of Philosophy:

The Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT) (9th floor – room 918), equipped with computers, sound-cards, midi-boards, microphones, projector etc, dedicated to the lessons of Music Technology, introduction to Electroacoustic Music, Electronic Orchestration, Music for Media, Introduction to Music Informatics, Voice Technologies etc. It is used for teaching, practicing and for project realization.

The Sound Studio (3rd floor – room 310) that is a state-of-the-art, professional recording studio. It is divided in four main and many auxiliary spaces in a 120 m2 room: Reception, Secretariat, Mixing Suite, Control Room and Live Room. There is also the possibility of space reforming. The Sound Studio is one of the most contemporary and integrated recording studios in Greece. It is equipped with the most of orchestral and traditional instruments.