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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


The Laboratory of Music Acoustics & Technology (LabMAT) was founded in 2004 under the Department of Music Studies (DMS) of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens with the initiative of the Professor Charalampos Spiridis while he was the Director of the Department from 2004 to 2015.

Since 1-10-2015 the Lab Director is Professor Anastasia Georgaki.

LabMAT  is dedicated to fullfil the needs of the Department in education, research and artistic creation of the following cognitive fields:

  • Aspects on Music Acoustic (Acoustic Function of human voice and music instruments, Psychoacoustics, Acoustics)
  • Aspects on Music Technology (signal processing, electronic instrumentation, sound analysis and synthesis)
  • Aspects on Electroacoustic & Computer Music and contemporary music with innovative means
  • Aspects on Music Informatics (Computational Musicology, Archaeomusicology etc)
  • Aspects on Music Perception and Cognitive Sciences