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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


Spiros Kalozakis, completed in 2000 his undergraduate studies (Bachelor in Science with Honors) at Staffordshire University, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Department of Music Technology, England. In 2003, he graduated from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, completing his Post-Graduate Diploma in Music Technology. The cognitive subject was the sound production of Music Albums (Discography). In 2006 he graduated from Bath Spa University, School of Arts, Department of Music, where he obtained his Masters of Arts Degree in Creative Music Technology. The cognitive subject was the analogue and digital audio processing (Audio Mastering). He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Music Studies at National Kapodistrian (Title of Doctoral Thesis: the Cretan vocal idiom in Rizitiko song: acoustic analysis and comparative study) and participated in International Scientific Conferences. His research interests include – among others – the recording and the acoustic analysis of the singing voice and music production. Since 2004, he has been teaching at the Department of Music Technology and Acoustics of the Hellenic Mediterranean University, with participation in Discography in parallel. Since 2013 he has worked in Municipality of Rethymnon city, while at the same time, since 2017 he was Sound Supervisor at the House of Culture (Municipality of Rethymnon).