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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


He started taking piano lessons at the age of four. Through classical studies he ended up with a Diploma in Piano and Degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint and Fugue.
He is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University, with a thesis on piano performance of works of the romantic period.
He holds a Master's Degree in Jazz Music and Improvisation with New Technologies from the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
He is working on a PhD thesis at the Department of Music Studies of the University of Athens, in the research field of computational musicology in a jazz environment.
He has been teaching music as a subject of the school curriculum in primary and secondary education since 2007.
He has been teaching piano and theoretics of music in conservatories since 1999. From 2016 until today he teaches at the Municipal Conservatory of Moschato-Tavros.
He has appeared in numerous concerts, musical stages, events of municipalities, cultural bodies and associations and in theatrical performances.