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Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology


Evangelos Angelakis got his Operatic Singing Diploma (2000) with a First Prize and Greek Conservatory scholarship. He has a Bachelor’s in Agriculture, a Master’s Degree in “Music Technology” and is a PhD Candidate (UoA). He was a member of the “Centre of Vocal Arts” (1999-2012 Spyros Sakkas) and the “Athens Centre of Ancient Music” (2008-12). He has sung over 25 opera and musical theatre roles, and in numerous concerts. Since 2004 he works in Voice Pedagogy, teaching in Conservatories, Drama Schools and Seminars. He is the author and educator of the University of Athens E-learning Program “The Singing Voice”. He currently researches the scientific scope of the human voice (Acoustics, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Cognition), and multi-sensor kinesthetic singing pedagogy.